What is driving the realignment in UK politics?

The finger of Alan Sugar in The Apprentice boardroom. Research by Labour strategist Deborah Mattinson identifies Sugar as one of the figures chosen by Red Wall voters as an ideal leader from outside politics.

According to most measures, the UK population is further to the liberal left than a generation ago. Social attitude polling would attest to this — on questions such as gender, race, sexuality and the environment. And research by Paula Surridge finds that both main parties’ voter bases moved gradually to…

The Hartlepool by-election result has renewed discussion about how Labour re-connects with working-class voters. This article looks at two components of this. Firstly, it examines the idea that root of Labour’s problems come from having ‘triangulated’ away from its core vote in the 1990s. And secondly, it explores the phenomenon…

Chris Clarke

Author of The Dark Knight and the Puppet Master, a critique of the myths underpinning left populism: warringfictions.net

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